Who is Mari LaVell? What's in a Name? 

Mari LaVell is my pseudonym, or pen name. All my life people have had trouble pronouncing or remembering my name, Marita. Pair that with my married name of Thelander and people just look at me with a glazed over smile when I introduce myself. As I began to pursue my writing I found myself looking at author's names on the cover of a book and tried to envision: Marita Thelander. A dear friend shortened my name to Mari, probably because it was easier to type. It stuck to me like gorilla glue and Mari emerged among various writing circles online. I chose to use my middle name, LaVell, purely for the aesthetics of it. Someday, Mari LaVell will look very nice on the cover of a book. Someday...

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Mari's Bio:

I live life wrapped in my husband’s arms with a latte in one hand, chocolate in the other and frequently a twinge of a mischievous smile. Married for 33 years, we have three adult children that survived growing up in the fishbowl of the parsonage. Blessed with six adorable grandchildren I absolutely love the title of Gamma, Wamma, Gwamma…or whatever else evolves as they grow older.
I long to please Abba-daddy, but I can’t help but think He is often amused with me as I struggle to get my ADD, middle-aged, menopausal mind to focus long enough to accomplish what He whispers in my ear.

I love to sing, speak, write, laugh and love with passion. I invite you to follow me as I enjoy…
Traipsing through life with a Mari heart.

I call to remembrance my song in the night; I meditate within my heart, and my spirit makes diligent search. Psalm 77:6

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~Psalm 77:6 "I call to remembrance my song in the night; I meditate within my heart,and my spirit makes diligent search."

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