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>> April 14, 2013

Did you hear something? Like horses hooves? Maybe I was dreaming but I could have sworn I heard a clatter and caught a glimpse of a peddler in his wagon tipping his hat at me. I can be such a dreamer sometimes.

Today I'd like you to meet my friend, Yvonne Beverly Blake. She's a writer, which therefor qualifies her as a dreamer. As a matter of fact, she's had the peddler dream...and named him Zeke.

You see, writers are always dreaming of characters, plots, scenes, etc. We see something in real life and instantly day-dream it into a quick storyline. We let our muse, in the form of our characters, carry conversations in our minds. Trust me...our minds are a scary place to be.

Sometimes we have to stuff these stories away and let them sleep because real life is happening all around us, and ultimately must come first. In Yvonne's case, that included raising eight kids. Yes, I said 8 kids. Being the youngest of six myself, I know her hands were tied. (and probably her dishes dirty, floors sticky, and her hamper always full.) While her dreams may have lay dormant during the child-rearing season of her life, they certainly didn't die.

Cocooned up in her heart, mind and dreams since 1976 was the charming, curious little character, Phoebe. Once Blake-child #8 was sufficiently reared, Phoebe was freed from her dormant stage within Yvonne's dreams and her wings began to flutter. Then another one of Yvonne's dreams began to take shape. The dream to publish a novel.

In her new book, A Home for Phoebe, we find our young orphaned Phoebe being cared for by a protective, resourceful Algonkin woman named Massepa. While surviving on the forest's bounty in colonial New York, they long to belong someplace. To have a home. Through friendship's made with Zeke the peddler, a blind granny, and a blacksmith's family, lessons of faith and forgiveness take hold.

I've been to New York...the city, but the thought of colonial New York and forested New York fascinates me. What a rich, history-filled location to base a novel! 

I also heard rumor that Yvonne will be giving away a free copy of A Home for Phoebe at the end of the month. So, if you leave a comment on this post, your name will be put in the peddler's hat. You might just be the one to have your name drawn and receive your very own copy of this awesome historical fiction.

^^ Click me ^^
Well...I think I hear the clanging of pots and pans on Zeke's peddler wagon preparing to head out, and I'm not dreaming this time. If we sneak on board we'll see where he takes us along the blog tour to help spread the word about Yvonne's new book. Click the picture of Zeke's wagon to learn more info about Yvonne and A Home for Phoebe on April 16th. ---->>>

Psssst....don't forget to comment and have your name put in Zeke's hat!

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Yvonne Blake,  4/14/2013  

Love it, Mari! ((hugs))

Laury Holman Hubrich 4/14/2013  

I heard the clanging too! Had to get on board before Zeke left. I read Vonnie's book and she birthed a wonderful one. Good job presenting her book, Mari!

Rita Garcia,  4/14/2013  

A Home for Phoebe is a wonderful read! Thanks, Mari, for a delightful post! Hugs!

Rebecca Walker,  4/14/2013  

How exciting to have raised kids while dreaming dreams of the future. Even more exciting...to wake up one day and realize those dreams have come true. Very encouraging for this mama whose real life is happening right now (dirty dishes, sticky floors, and hampers that are always full).

A Home for Pheobe sounds like a book I would enjoy reading. Congratulations, Yvonne, on fulfilling your dream. I am genuinely happy for you.

PS...Marita, I love that you used the phrase "trust me" in your post. Makes me smile...in an ornery sort of way, ya know?

Yvonne Blake,  4/14/2013  

Smile - thanks, Laury

Yvonne Blake,  4/14/2013  

Thank you, Rebecca. I'll put you in the hat.

Nancy K. Sullivan,  4/14/2013  

I hope Zeke is having as much fun on his trip as we are following him. I finished A Home for Phoebe and LOVED it! He'll be heading my way in a few days. Great job, Mari :)

Lisa Mikitarian,  4/14/2013  

Okay--I'm in Zeke's hat!

Beth LaBuff,  4/14/2013  

What a journey Phoebe has had. Both before birth, while Vonnie carried her in her heart, to finding a home in the story. And that Zeke sounds like a fascinating character. I could almost hear his wagon. Sincere congrats on this major accomplishment, Vonnie! <3 <3 <3

Mari LaVell 4/14/2013  

Thank you all for stopping by today!

Mari LaVell 4/15/2013  

I'm glad and now you can breathe a sigh of relief because I was a good girl...this time. ;-)

Mari LaVell 4/15/2013  

I had to read it again to fnd the "trust me". Lol. I loveyour family, sticky floors, dirty dishes, and full hamper included! Dream, gf, dream!

Mari LaVell 4/15/2013  

Thank you , Nancy. Look forward to your tour stop. I'm sure I'll be ready to search Zeke's wagon for a road trip snack!

Mari LaVell 4/15/2013  

Thanks for stopping by, Lisa! <3

Mari LaVell 4/15/2013  

Before birth? So what does tht make the average gestation of a writer's dream? 4 decades? Oy, I'm sunk. It appears I'll be writer preggo for a very long time!

Christine,  4/16/2013  

Great post Mari, you really did great. Thanks.

LaLeePop,  4/17/2013  

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick,

but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life." (Prov 13:12) Rejoicing with Vonnie on this long-awaited dream fulfilled. So SO excited to read it.

Mari LaVell 4/17/2013  

Oh so very true!

Yvonne Blake,  4/18/2013  

Thank you, "LaLeePop". (Now I'll have to find and mark that verse in my Bible!) :-)

Yvonne Blake,  4/18/2013  

Thanks, Beth. I'm just hoping the sequel will carry its worth, not having been "carried" so long.

Yvonne Blake,  4/18/2013  


Yvonne Blake,  4/18/2013  

giggle - I trusted you to be kind (even your teasings are kind)

Yvonne Blake,  4/18/2013  

Yup! You're in the hat, Lisa!

Yvonne Blake,  4/18/2013  

Thanks, Christine

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