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>> January 24, 2013

Since coming to live and take care of my mom, I've slowly been deep cleaning various areas of her house. I guess I inspired her to do the same. Today she went through a couple drawers full of old letters, cards, and notes. Below is a poem she unburied that she wrote when I was a child about our dogs. I'm seeing where my writing genes must have come from and can't help but wonder what would have happened if she thought to pursue her little writing hobby.


Daisy & Ginger

Ginger is our little dog,
She really is quite something.
Always rolling all around, 
With her tail a thumping.

She eats her meals sitting down,
And lays down when she's drinking.
There never was a lazier dog
Around here, I've been thinking.

She rolls over on her back,
To have her stomach rubbed.
There's just one thing she doesn't like,
And that's to have it scrubbed.

Her mother's name is Daisy Mae,
Her hair is long and wavy.
She looks at Ginger as if to say,
"I think that you are crazy."

They sneak on Rick and Gordon's beds,
To take a little rest.
They shouldn't sleep there at all you know,
But it's the place that they like best.

We love them both, these little dogs,
And think they are the most.
If you could see what they are like,
You would know just why we boast.
~ Pat Cowan

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Laury Holman Hubrich 1/25/2013  

That's awesome! Tell your mom it's not too late to start writing again:)

Joanne Sher 1/27/2013  

So VERY delightful. LOVE this.

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