July 3, 2012

Come and See

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The Gospel according to John is full of some of my favorite Jesus encounters. John chapter 4 is the story of Jesus conversing with the Samaritan woman. I love how Jesus shows the disciples by example to reach outside their social comfort zone and introduce the Messiah to strangers. Immediately after Jesus reveals His identity, the woman runs to her community and boldly says (v.29): 
“Come (and) see a man who told me all the things I ever did. Could this be the Christ?” (NKJV)

John’s Gospel has been my “go to” book of the Bible on many occasions, especially when pointing new believers to learn more about who Jesus Christ is. It’s no wonder this portion of God’s Word is printed as a standalone booklet by various organizations. 

I personally have handed out a portion of the Gospel message many times, but as evangelists,  my husband and I are excited to have the opportunity to partner with PocketTestament League (PTL) to provide awesome evangelism tools on our many encounters while we travel to fulfill His call on our lives.

I encourage you to visit their web site at http://www.ptl.org/ and browse around. It won’t take you long to discover the depth of commitment within PTL for evangelism by providing a simple and economical way for believers to share their faith in Jesus. Even a seasoned Christian like myself (that’s a nice way to say I’m old in the faith), will benefit from PTL’s free 7-part online evangelism training course: Evangelism Boot Camp. Lesson #1 has been promptly delivered to my email and is beckoning me to lead by example and work through the easily laid out lessons to sharpen my sword.

After becoming a member and joining this powerful ministry that is responsible for placing over 110 MILLION Gospels in their 119 year history of existence, I look forward to experiencing what I now call PTL moments: Praise The Lord I shared Jesus via Pocket Testament League!

Also, keeping up with the tech world is clearly a priority for PTL. Do you have a smart phone? (This is not the opposite of a dumb phone.) You can download PTL’s free app and have access to daily devotions or quickly share on the interactive map when you’ve had a PTL moment.  

Let’s all be a modern day Samaritan woman and run to tell our community “Come and see…” for this is the story of Christ, the promised Messiah.


  1. Looks like an awesome evangelism tool, Mari.

  2. Nicely done, Mari. They ARE a wonderful ministry (and I have dumb phone, by the way - and it IS the opposite of a smart phone :D)

  3. Lisa Mikitarian7/08/2012

    I came and saw! And am glad! What a cool tool.


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