No Matter How Small

>> November 28, 2011

Recently a news story was aired on KOMO 4 concerning embryo adoption. Today Pastor Joe Fuiten quoted a snippet from Dr Seuss in regards to the story of  Elisha Lancaster, a healthy vibrant little girl that is the result of embryo adoption. This all prompted me to use my "voice" to write this Seussian style call to the church.

♥ ♥ ♥
Eleven twenty-seven
On a rainy church day
I contemplated heaven
‘Tis my distracted way

Daydreaming facebooking
On my cool new smart phone
Hope no-one was looking
A tad naughty I’m prone

“Adopt an embryo”
Ears suddenly perked
Well what-do-ya know
It truly has worked

It’s a speck that is small
As the head on a pin
But a person after all
And could be your kin

Use them for research
Satan’s lie is so sly
His agenda is heard
“It’s not really alive”

A political battle
Swords have been drawn
Its’ not idle prattle
Time is soon gone

Please don’t harm
All the little folks who
Have as much right to live
As us bigger folks do

From the sun in the summer
And the rain when its fallish
Its our call to protect them
No matter how smallish

God’s people cry loudly
They cry out in fear
To the Prez who sits proudly
“We are here! We are here!”

Don’t think you can’t speak
Don’t think you’re too small
Don’t think you are weak
Don’t think it at all

We’ve got to make noise
In greater amounts
No time to sit poised
For every voice counts

For sure things will worsen
Its prophetic after all
But a person’s a person
No matter how small

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations." Jeremiah 1:5

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Laury Holman Hubrich 11/28/2011  

I'd never heard about this before Mari. That's crazy but not too surprising, I suppose. Awesome poem. Make sure you send it to your pastor. He will be glad to know you were listening:) lol. And your Suessian poems continue... Dr. Suess would be so proud. <3

Lisa Mikitarian,  11/28/2011  

I second everything Laury said!

Drritagarcia,  11/28/2011  

Wiping the tears.
May we all keep allowing our voices to heard to save these wee ones--no matter how small!!

Love and hugs!

Mari,  11/28/2011  

I'm not the sign waving, sit in, political activist type. But if I can make someone aware in my little corner of the be it.

Mari LaVell 11/28/2011  

I know, right? It seems so science fiction. Maybe Amy needs to consider this avenue for our PeP project book.

Mari LaVell 11/28/2011  

I'm non-confrontational, non-activist...and as far as letting Pastor Joe see this....I'm so not the "hey look at what I wrote" person either.

Joe Fuiten,  11/28/2011  

A very clever piece of polemical writing especially for someone who is non-activist. Thanks for sharing it.

Mari LaVell 11/28/2011  

Thanks for taking the time to read it, Pastor.

Lauralee 11/28/2011  

That is poignant and powerful. Wow.

BethL,  11/29/2011  

As to the Suessian-style poem -- rhyme, meter, style, and word choices, this is overall excellent! As to your message - profound, relevant, and vital. This needs to be published.

Mari LaVell 11/29/2011  

Coming from a poet, that means a lot. Thanks Beth!!

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