Life Lessons

>> November 1, 2011

I have a short story that will be printed in an anthology published by Write Integrity Press. The book is called: Life Lessons from Grandparents...a trip down memory lane.

It will be available in the next couple weeks. I am allowed to order copies at cost to sell or give away. If you are interested in purchasing a book from me, I'm selling them at my cost plus shipping. At $8 this collection of endearing stories about grandparents would make an awesome Christmas gift.

Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing a book asap. I will need to put my request in very soon.

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Rebecca 11/02/2011  

I would like to order two. And yes, I mean two!

Mari 11/05/2011  

two-book-bec, you're request will be granted.

dandelionfleur 11/16/2011  

I missed this post, Mari! I'd like to order a copy! And Congratulations!

Rita Garcia 11/17/2011  

I'd like to order a copy! Congratulations!

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