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>> October 5, 2011

It's been fun on my leg of the bus tour. We've scooped up Laury in Central Illinois on our way to Michigan for our next stop at Joanne's blog tomorrow (10/6).

Pssssst: I've heard a rumor that Jo has some new dirt...I mean info... on our featured author, so be sure to stop in and have a peek.

The winner of the $5 Starbucks card is revealed in the video below. Congratulations to....

Disclaimer #1 : The video has a long blank ending. I edited it on youtube, but the edits won't show up right away. When the screen goes's all, folks.

Disclamier #2: I'm not a very good Vanna White. Sorry for the dizzying display.

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Rita Garcia 10/05/2011  

Congratulations, Rebecca!! I'll get your card in the mail tomorrow! Enjoy!

Rebecca 10/05/2011  

Awesomeness. Tell Josiah Bebecca says, "Papa is da man and Josiah is da lil man." Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I can't wait to receive and read Lisa's book, Her Safari. I'm waiting patiently for the lady in the white jeep (USPS) to bring me a package. Did I say patiently? Not so much...hurry up and get here already.

dandelionfleur 10/05/2011  

Fancy-Shmancy drawing!!!! Congrats, Rebecca, and thanks Mari and Josiah!

On to Jo's. Don't believe everything she says.

Joanne Sher 10/06/2011  

I sure hope you're not expecting a fancy shmancy drawing like that at MY blog. Mari is AWESOME that way :) Congrats, Rebecca!

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