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>> October 2, 2011

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It's been a few months since I last vlogged. I'm hoping to do some video devotions for JournEzine in the near future. Until are some thoughts from a recent jaunt in the forest.

So, do you have something in your life that you need to step back and get a new perspective on? A God perspective? Are you willing to settle for the tiny fruit, or fully trust Him to lead you to the bigger fruit?

Sometimes a whole bush is nothing but tiny, sour berries, yet a bush right next to it will be loaded with big, juicy ones. I thank God for giving me some wonderful fruit, even through painful experiences, and I'm trusting God to show me the fruitful bushes in my life.

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Rita Garcia 10/02/2011  

Mari, WOW! What a powerful message and your delivery was perfect! I SO want to see where God is directing your ministry! Hugs!

Laury 10/03/2011  

I LOVE your vlogs because then I get to see you:) plus I get to hear great teaching, of course. Each one gets better and better - both the delivery and content!

dandelionfleur 10/04/2011  

A BERRY excellent vlog! And I agree with Rita--your delivery amazes me.

Coleene 10/04/2011  

You are so natural at what you share, a woman with Godly experience and Godly advise, thank you.

Sometimes we just look away or do the opposite and just stare at things too long. Our "vision" can get fuzzy. But a fresh perspective in prayer, will reveal to us God's purposes.

...and then we can make pie!

Mid Stutsman 10/06/2011  

Miss you, Sweet Friend!! Loved this vlog~God has truly blessed you with a focused ministry!!

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