>> October 19, 2011


One year ago today I sat frustrated with the fact that my blog was severely neglected. I had just had surgery of the female nature and a friend came to sit with me while Les was away. Even though this woman had been in church off and on most of her life, certain Christian terms befuddled her. We tossed a few around and tagged them with ridiculous definitions. I laughed (while holding a pillow to my tummy) but that night, inspiration hit me.

I wondered: Why do I blog? What do I want to accomplish when I blog? Who cares if I blog?

I tackled the challenge to write about confusing Christian words or terms and titled it Christianese A-Z. Although I didn’t finish in the ridiculously planned 10 weeks…I mean seriously??? I DID just have major surgery, AND I was on some heavy drugs at the time, SO it clearly affected my reasoning.

The “A” Christianese word was posted on Oct 21, 2010. 
(I looked it up today on a whim)

I decided my “Z” word will be posted on Oct 21, 2011. 
(Profound, huh?)

So it took a little bit more than 10 weeks, but hey, I’ll finish it and that’s what matters most. 


So...now what?

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Laury 10/19/2011  

It sure doesn't seem like it's been almost a year. Time sure does fly as we get older. Weird:) This has been a great series. I'm sure you'll figure out something just as good next.

Kim Russell 10/19/2011  

I'm totally impressed that you finished. I'm not sure I will make it to the end of A2Z...and I didn't even start till like P or something. (Course, I had just started my BEAUTIFUL blog, too) Way to go on your accomplishment.

Rita Garcia 10/19/2011  

I still say your A-Z Christianese posts would make a fabulous book!
So proud of you! Not only have you reached your goal, you've did with with stylishness and more than a dash of flair!

Mari 10/19/2011  

Thanks to my faithful readers (even if it is only a few) I wouldn't have finished without your encouragement.

Joanne Sher 10/20/2011  

Have LOVED this series. Sorry (kinda!) to see it come to an end!. And I agree with Rita about the book. Looking forward to tomorrow.

dandelionfleur 10/20/2011  

Time does fly--but you made it--or will have made it come tomorrow. It's a fabulous series and I agree about it making an awesome book.

ZZZZZZZ Zerrubabel?

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