Only 75...err...87 days!

>> September 29, 2011

The bus-blog tour for Lisa Mikitarian's new book Her Safari-snapshots along the way, has made its stop in the Coffee Capitol of Seattle. *woot-woot* I’m cranking out the caramel macchiatos as fast as my machine will allow. The caffeine is perking up the gang, laughter is roaring, and my dear husband/bus driver is shaking his head wondering how in the world he was roped into this journey.

Okay, so I’m making all that up, but IF we were truly touring in the bus, this is how I imagine it would be, so as a writer…that’s how I’ll write it.

As the "speaker" for this leg of the trip, let me first take care of some important housekeeping items. In other words...we'll insert the commercials here: 

Make sure you take a moment to comment on this post. Your name will be tossed into the coffee mug for a chance to win a $5 Starbucks gift card. Winner will be announced on this blog on October 5th.
Over on my side bar, you will see a video that will tell you a bit about her book. If you click on the cover to the left, you will be taken to the Demme House publisher's page where you can order Her Safari. Be sure to check out the gift set offer. (some assembly required) When (not if) you order, there's  a button that says HGIM (Heart of God International Ministries). If you choose to purchase the book through them, they receive a portion of the sales. How cool is that?
~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~

And now...I'd like to introduce you all to my friend and fellow wordsmith, Lisa Mikitarian. (applause would be appropriate)
I have enjoyed getting to know Lisa in a myriad of ways. In our communication, she often uses capacious words that compel me to search online to facilitate the expansion of my vocabulary. Conversations with Lisa range from uber silly to super spiritual.

She and her daughter, Madeline, write a blog where their quirky wit and infinite wisdom is used to assist the public in the solving of their everyday conundrums. Connecting Now is a blog like no other. If you aren't a follower of the MikChiks, you may want to hop on over there and become one. Tell her Mari sent you. *wink*

With only 75  (Oops) 87days until Christmas, (gasp) you may seriously want to consider purchasing Her Safari for the moms, sisters, daughters, and gal pals on your list. The collection of short stories is a cross-cut of womanhood at its best, worst, and everything in between. Each story is the perfect length for the menopausal enriched ADD female in your life. Or for reading while traveling, waiting at the Doctor's office, with an insomnia driven midnight snack, while your husband watches football, while sitting on get the picture.

To sum it all up, Lisa is a multi-talented, multi-lingual (irrelevant, I know), author and I'm down right proud to call her friend and highlight her book on my blog.

Well, it appears everybody's sufficiently caffeinated, had a potty break, and about ready to load the bus for the next leg of the blog tour. Les is patiently waiting for us to load up and sit down.

Everyone say it with me... "Bus driver...MOVE THAT BUS!"

Thanks for stopping by.

Pssst...comment...starbucks...don't forget...

24 comments so far...Care to leave your thoughts?:

Joanne Sher 9/29/2011  

Hehe - already have my copy - thinking about who might like it for Christmas. Enter me (even though it's for Starbucks LOL). LOVE ya both!

Neil @Looking Towards Home 9/29/2011  

Only 75 days? Only 75 DAYS?????????????????

And I thought the local shops were early with their decorations this year!!!!!!!!!

So much to do, so much to do - is your bus going to the bookshop? Can I come? Hey driver - stop the bus!!!!

dandelionfleur 9/29/2011  

I'm feeling some motion sickness coming on--maybe I should have abstained from that last macchiato...

Rita Garcia 9/29/2011  

Delightful and fun-filled post! Thank you, Mari! Is it really only 75 days until Christmas? Hugs!

Neil @Looking Towards Home 9/29/2011  

Wait a second.... could you let me off? My wife's just told me there are 86 days left - plenty of time..........

Mari 9/29/2011 Now that's embarrassing! See what you get when you do math in your head? I never was very good at my 12's in the times table.

But wait... I can salvage this. See if you are one that only has 6 days in the week, than I'm correct. Those with 7 days in your week, you have... Wait a minute...Hey Neil... tell your wife its 87 days!

Les is shaking his head in disbelief, but with our 30th anniversary coming up in 11 days (I know I'm right here) he isn't too surprised at my angle on this...or my math skills.

So Rita... Since he commented two times (and caught my error)does Neil get his name put in the coffee cup twice?

dandelionfleur 9/29/2011  

Truly you all have dizzying intellects. Which makes matters worse in my current condition.

Mari 9/29/2011  

Oh yeah...I'm dizzy alright. oy
And no...I'm not blonde. This month it's sort of red.

Neil @ Looking Towards Home 9/29/2011  

That's bizarre, my wife tells me now that there are 86 days, 5 hours, 16 minutes and 45 seconds left until Christmas, but she won't tell me which timezone she is calculating this for...

Mari 9/29/2011  

I'm sticking with my 87 days. 12 weeks x 7 days = 84 days (Dec 22) + 3 days (Dec 25) = 87.

Now my brain hurts. But Neil...I'm glad you listen to your wife. :) How about that book? You know...Her Safari? Gonna buy it for your wife?

Anna K. Jeffrey 9/29/2011  

87 days? Oh dear. And I'll be working in and around all those last-minute people. BUY A BOOK people. (OR get your shopping done in October.)And Neil, thank your wife for me for laying out the minute count along with the days. I know how long (exactly) I have to run for cover.

Just kidding about that, but you DO want to BUY Her Safari. It is awesome. You don't have to worry about reading sequentially, although it could be done that way.

Okay, done with my commercial. :)

Rita Garcia 9/29/2011  

All is well on the tour bus! I knew Mari's week would be fun and filled with surprises! I love it!!! Yes, Neil definitely gets his name in the coffee mug twice! Hey, Les, when then next stop?

Catrina Bradley... 9/29/2011  

Les! Stop the bus! I guess I shouldn't have been reading "Her Safari" -- I knew it would make me car-sick. Or bus-sick I guess. (A Starbucks latte would settle my stomach nicely.)

Sparrow 9/29/2011  

*applause* Coffee and Her Safari, what could get better? Well, maybe a non-coffee chocolate mint drink with Her Safari, but that's just me.

Mari 9/29/2011  

Cat, you can go in back and lay on my bed, but watch out when we go over might catch air.

Rita, someone didn't plan the tour stops very well. We've been to Cali, Michigan, Washington, and now back to Michigan, then Kansas, back to MI, over to Maine, then Ohio and back to Cali. And somewhere in there we've picked up Cat in Georgia. My weakness may be math but I know my geography pretty well.

Neil... Your name goes in the coffee mug once and then your wife's name goes in once for correcting my math. Do tell us her name, please.

Neil @ Looking Towards Home 9/29/2011  

Book? Oh yeah, 'Her Safari'! Well, I've only heard good things about it, but as for whether it will be a present for a certain someone I can't really say, can I?

I'm terrible at keeping secrets from Sanja; wheels are in motion, but it's like my parents used to say, "We'll see."

Rita Garcia 9/30/2011  

Hi, Sanja! Wildly waving!

Rebecca 9/30/2011  

Thought #1: I have read a small potion of this book and I look forward to reading the rest.
Thought #2: da man.

Pat 9/30/2011  

I think we should all end up at Disney for a grand book signing done up in a ver magical way as only Disney can.

Like, maybe, at The Grand Floridian? With grandios staircases and ceilings and a grand piano played most elegantly as you recline. Or The Fort Wildernes lodge which is just grandios with huge wooden poles carved by Native Indians and a creek running through needing its own bridge. Or how about The Animal Kingdom Lodge with wild beasts roaming out your window or as you tickle your toes in the cool waters of the watering hole where all the human beasts meet.

Hmmmm . . . where would we want to host this signing?

Soooooo worth it and soooo deserving!

Her Safari . . .

Mari 9/30/2011  

Karls, the not reading sequentially cracked me up. Just skip around the book, folks...go ahead and let your inner ADD self run free!

Sanja, your name is included in the drawing.

Rebecca...yup Les is da man.

You may not believe it, Pat, but I've never been to anything Disney. I'm a deprived American.

Rita Garcia 9/30/2011  

Oh, and Mari, geography -- I'm the wrong person to a ask. Glad Les has you to read the map! Our next stop in in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Laury 10/01/2011  

And now you're in Illinois. You can park at the elevator. Plenty of parking space there, ummm...just avoid the grain trucks and semi's coming in with their corn and beans. No worries:)

The book is awesome. Lisa is awesome. The bus driver is awesome. The wife of the bus driver is awesome and the lattes she makes is the bomb.

I'm waiting... tap tap tap. Move the bus on over:)

Rebecca 10/01/2011  

I just ordered two books. :)

dandelionfleur 10/02/2011  

Thank you, Rebecca. And thanks to Mari and Laury and the whole Hee-Haw gang...oh, now there's a new name for us:).

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