Where's Mari?

>> August 25, 2011

Where's Mari?
August has been a busy month for this weary writer. First it started with a ministry event on the other side of the state in Mead, WA. Les preached every night for a week and I had opportunity to sing three nights. We also used our inflatables and outdoor sound system to provide the foundation in which they built an awesome day camp experience as an evangelistic outreach into their community. Tuesday the 9th, my friend Rebecca, drove five hours to come hear me sing and Les preach.  Then she drove me back home and I left Les to finish the week on his own. I had mixed feelings about that.

Bec and I enjoyed the long five hour drive back even if it meant we got in at 3:00 AM. The next day (10th) she took me to SeaTac so I could fly to Chicago to connect up with Laury. On the 11th Laury and I drove from Chicago to Livonia, MI. We were pleased to be early for the Faithwriter's conference and be able to be unofficial greeters. Thursday evening was a hoot of a time at PF Changs with the early bird gang: Laury, Me, Beth & Tilman, Lisa, Karlene, Dr. Rita, and Shelley.  Probably some of my favorite memories of the conference were during that dinner.

Sunday I attended church and was honored to worship our Lord with Laury and Leah. We hung out with a handful of FW before Laury and I headed to Kalamazoo to spend three days chillaxing before I had to fly out of Chicago on the 17th. 

Since we always have a Lucy and Ethel moment when we are together, we chalk up the fact that our room was less than desirable and the muffler fell off of Laury's son's car as the stories to be re-told from this trip together. Sigh. We did enjoy the movie, The Help, and I took Laury shopping for her birthday for some new clothes. We also bought the book to read since the movie was so awesome.

I arrived home on the 17th disappointed to discover that my husband was stranded when the bus broke down five hours away from me. Thinking he would be able to get the bus repaired the next day, I took it in stride. Three days later he finally made it home late in the evening. Just in time to turn around and leave the next morning to head to Eugene, Oregon to be a part of his niece Jamie's wedding. It was awesome to re-connect after 12 years with his sister and three of her girls.


Now I'm, home and busy as a bee working on blog design jobs. Routine will come to my home soon. Les will return to bus driving for the Bellevue School Dist. Kyle will return to Northwest University as a senior, Nathan will begin full day Kindergarten, Melissa will continue to work for Red Robin...and me and Josiah will hold down the fort at home.
So...where's Mari? Wait for September, she'll show up again.

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Kimberly Russell 8/26/2011  

Wow- when you put it like that, you HAVE been busy. But there was fun in there too, right? Thanks for all your hard work in between everything else.

Laury 8/26/2011  

I'm so glad I was a part of your busi-ness:) It was a good August but I'm ready for the routine of September to begin too. Very ready... Can't wait to see how God uses you in this new phase of your life, Mari!

Lisa Mikitarian 8/26/2011  

You were a busy bee! I loved our dinner, too--definitely a major highlight. See you in September--I can be a patient woman.

Joanne Sher 8/26/2011  

Soooooo busy is right! So glad I got to see ya in the midst of it. Praying September is smoothe.

Joy Bach 8/26/2011  

Hi, Mari. Glad you could stop long enough to write. I've missed you. You will always be special to me for helping me start my blog ... a dream of mine for years.

Mari 8/27/2011  

I know I wasn't the only one busy. I'm sure many of us are ready for routine. Thanks for taking the time to drop in. I'll be more active again real soon.

Rita Garcia 9/02/2011  

Me, too! Ready for routine, well at least a little. August was definitely a jammed filled month! Glad you're writing! Love and HUGS! Rita

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