They That Intertwine

>> June 5, 2011

Long time no vlog!!

I know there is a glitch, in the volume. YOu may need to turn your sound up all the way.


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Laury 6/05/2011  

I loved hearing you and Melissa singing together! Awesome job:) Excellent vlog as always. Well, actually - I think you've improved lots since your humble beginnings. Who was it again that said you should vlog and someone else poo pooed the idea? Hmmmm...

Good job, Mari! (and Melissa!!!)

Lisa Mikitarian 6/06/2011  

Great message! It seems like many of us are at the same place in life right now. I'll never read those verses in Isaiah the same way. And of course, I enjoyed your alls singing! Beautifully harmonized.

Rita Garcia 6/06/2011  

LOVED the singing! WOW! And the message--powerful! I agree with Lisa, I'll never read that scripture the same way again! Love you!

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