>> June 11, 2011

Take me out... errr... Out Takes of last weeks video blog process. We do end up getting it right...eventually.

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Rebecca 6/11/2011  

From one Ima Dork to another Ima're awesome. I love your relationship with Melissa. It's inspiring. When I sing this song from the right side back row, people will wonder why I'm giggling.

Lisa Mikitarian 6/11/2011  

Maddie and I are in no way as eloquent as you and Melissa!

Laury 6/12/2011  

It looked like Melissa had it much more together than her Mama. Honestly:) Goobers, both of you. Funny, funny stuff. Love you both!

Joanne Sher 6/12/2011  

hehehe - WAY too funny!

Anna K(arlene) Jeffrey 6/12/2011  

On a serious note: This will preach!
On a more serious note: i LOVE this! Moms and daughters . . . sigh . . . LOVE them too.

Mari 6/12/2011  

Yes, Melissa could maintain her composer a tad bit better. It was rather entertaining. Entertaining enough to poke fun at myself. :)

Yvonne Blake 6/13/2011  

Ha Ha Ha...what fun silliness!

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