Sunset Lessons

>> February 16, 2011

Some of the most beautiful sunsets at the coast appear after a storm has rolled through. A smidgen of dark clouds lingering can provide depth and contrast to the canvas of the horizon. After sitting in the warm car and watching the clouds change shapes and depth of color with the backlight of the setting sun, a myriad of analogies assaulted my brain.

“Ooo I could write about that or address it from this angle.” My poor husband listened to me babble on in true creative ADD form. I wasn’t content to sit in the car and be a bystander. From time to time I’d hop out and stand in the freezing wind and feel like a participant of the stage show. Several cars pulled up to enjoy the serene scene, yet no one got out but me.

I tried to coax my husband to join me but he just grinned and shook his head no. I stuck my tongue out at him (‘cuz I’m so mature that way) and turned to face the show. After all, I didn’t want to miss a single moment. No siree…not even chilling winds and the need to pee could keep me from my appointed moment.

I discovered that standing on the edge of the hill allowed me to see a panoramic view that those who chose to stay in their car (*cough*Les*) couldn’t experience in any other way but through my eyes via the camera lens. Or through my mind via the words I type.

As simple as it sounds, I realized that in itself is a gift from God. Not just the ability to take a decent picture with my basic Cannon-sure shot digital camera, but the ability to put the event into words. And a step beyond that…not just putting it into words, but the burning desire to share the moment with others to encourage them to do something as simple as…get out of the car and join the show.

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Lisa Mikitarian 2/16/2011  

Gorgeous pics!!!! Your mind's not bad, either:).

Catrina Bradley... 2/16/2011  

Nice! I used to get out of the car more often. I don't know what's happened to me, but I want that desire to be a part of the show back.

Laury 2/16/2011  

I would have been out there with you:) You know that. lol

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