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>> February 9, 2011

What (the H***) possessed you to do that? An expression that is flippantly said but yet it shows that people generally know where severely bad choices come from.

Back in the ‘70’s there was an African American comedian named Flip Wilson. One of his infamous lines in his routine was “the devil made me do it.” Though mocking, he acknowledged the source of sinful behavior.

In no way do I want my blog to be a source of controversial topics, but I think I need to express my view and concerns on a topic the church has fallen asleep over.

On Sunday, we were pulling out of the parking lot at the local café, when a man came running towards us from the gas station across the street looking madder than a hornet. We stared in shock thinking he was going to cross the highway without looking and come right at us. He abruptly halted on the edge of the curb and began to flail his arms while screaming obscenities.

He appeared to be looking directly at us. We continued to turn onto the highway and head home but I watched him until he was out of sight. He never budged and continued to have a screaming conversation with the air around him.

I told Les…that guy’s got critters…our way to saying he was clearly possessed and controlled by demonic authority. Interestingly enough, the timing of this “crazed maniac” charging towards us is at the height of a spiritual battle/decision we’re in the midst of, doesn’t seem coincidental.

If my O word was oppressed, I figured my P word should be possessed. I’m no expert theologian on demonic possession (or anything else for that matter), but I’d like to share some thoughts on the subject.

The Devil looks for the weak points to slither into unguarded areas of our lives. Do you remember the Sunday School song “Oh be careful little eyes what you see. For the Father up above, is looking down in love, oh be careful little eyes what you see.”

Why exactly do we teach our children to be careful what they see, hear, or say yet many of us aren’t careful in our own lives? Is “be careful” a G rated thing, but not a PG-13 rated problem? (please understand, I'm not a legalistic prude) So it’s okay for those who are old enough to “handle it” and watch, read, or listen to things that have demonic influences? Should we open the door even just a crack by dabbling in the occults, witchcraft, wizardry by means of movies, books,  tarot cards, Ouija boards, fortune telling, horoscope…Where does one draw the line? 

1 Peter 5:8:  Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour. 
It is a common belief that Christians cannot be possessed by demons. I believe this to be true. But often we have a false sense of security and allow ourselves to dabble in Un-Christ-like things. The more you feed the lion, the more room/authority you give it in your life. Then the justification begins; the “grace” reasoning. You continue to feed the lion, yet no longer feed the Christ in you. Whichever is fed, will gain authority in your life.

What starts out as oppression can go unchecked and open the doorway for possession. In the Bible there are instances of demon possession where the victim was brutally tormented physically, spiritually, emotionally and whatever “ally” else applies.  One interesting thing I find is that the demons KNEW who Jesus was. (Mark 1:23-27 and Matthew 8:28-33) And in James 2:19 the demons believe in One God and shudder.

It doesn’t matter if you KNOW who Jesus is or believe there is only One God…what matters is, which lion are you feeding? The one who walks about seeking whom he can devour? Or the Lion of Juddah?

I caution you to guard the door…it’s a slow fade.

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Laury 2/09/2011  

Wow! Very good words for today, Mari. There's so much out there that's trying to pull us in to areas we would never dream of in the past in books and movies.

Lots that are going after our kids, too, and we are either too naive or fall for the line, "At least it's getting them to read."

It's time to wake up and be aware of our surroundings.

Very good and challenging post, Mari.

Joanne Sher 2/10/2011  

Excellent, Mari.

It doesn’t matter if you KNOW who Jesus is or believe there is only One God…what matters is, which lion are you feeding? The one who walks about seeking whom he can devour? Or the Lion of Judah? YES!

Rita's Random Ramblings 2/11/2011  

WOW! Amazing! Thank you for sharing these words of truth and inspiration.
When you complete the alphabet I'd love to have all of your posts in book form.

Marijo (Mary Jo) Phelps 2/17/2011  

Powerful piece and excellent observations. Yes, the church needs to wake up in this area. I also enjoyed (in a totally different way) that little chocolate heart with a piece bitten out - can almost taste it!

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