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>> January 12, 2011

Go grab a cup of coffee and join me for my second vlog. Despite the fact I had an external microphone, it is still difficult to hear. If you have head phones or earbuds, it will make it easier to hear. I'm learning as I go and appreciate all the encouragement I've received from so many.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to listen to my ramblings.

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Laury 1/12/2011  

This one was extra special because we got to hear you sing:) One of my favorite things is when you sing to me. Ahhhhh...

Rita's Random Ramblings 1/12/2011  

I am sooo enjoying your vlog!!
I will be thinking about which scriptures you might be using--hmmm. Almond joy or Mounds! If something pops in my mind I'll come back with another post--right now I want chocolate--with nuts!

The Lander 1/13/2011  

I didn't get coffee cause its to late, but I was chowing on a taco bell burrito during your video.

Ok, about women getting more Earworms than men, If I'm any example I really doubt that, but that may just be my ADD

Just heard the Kiel jingle in my car today!

The German actually use that phrase. You could say "Ich habe ein Ohrwurm" in Germany and people would actually understand.

Mari 1/13/2011  

Laury: I wouldn't call jingle songs actually singing, but ok.

Rita: I'm glad you enjoy the vlogs. Think Almond Joy, not Mounds. (I ate the Mounds bar)

Kyle: Coffee, burrito, it's all the same in the life of a college student. I knew you'd like the Kiel jingle. I saw the German reference when I was researching and thought of you.

I found where I can change the settings so my letters won't be backwards next vlog AND I found a setting that hopefully helps with the sound.

Lisa Mikitarian 1/13/2011  

Gotta love those Germans! Enjoying the vlogs and the singing, and the production touches.

I missed all the jingling Bible verse songs when I was a kid. I have some friends who know a ton--it's really amazing.

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