>> January 7, 2011

Today I am venturing into a new territory for me, I'm braving the big bad world of Vlogging. This is my first attempt and I have so much to learn. So be patient with me as the process evolves into something that might eventually be worthy of viewing. But for now...I know my friends won't mind the imperfections of the maiden voyage of my new adventure I call HVD-4U... Happy Vlog Day For You! (I'm sure even the title will morph into something much better...give me some time.)

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BethL 1/07/2011  

I loved your random process to arrive at this! Your message is challenging! Super kudos, Mari (and Laury ...and Lisa!) :)

Karlene 1/07/2011  

Excellent! And NOW I get to grab a tea and visit with you whenever you post your HVD-4U. :)

Thank you Laury, Lisa and Melissa for being stir sticks in the cup of Mari's gift.

Rebecca 1/07/2011  

You're so cool!!!

The Lander 1/08/2011  

Its a bit long. The vlogs I watch most the time stay under 4 minutes.
Its also really quiet. Move closer to the mic or can look for a USB microphone fairly cheap. Aaron uses one that was made for rock band but works with a computer too and it comes out pretty clear.
Also noticed you don't edit at all. Memorized? or just ramble?

Catrina Bradley... 1/08/2011  

Love it, Mari! I'd award you Vlog of the year. :)

Lisa Mikitarian 1/08/2011  

You sounded natural and engaging. I can see how this would be a cool way to both deliver and receive a message.

Laury 1/08/2011  

Well, The Lander boy dares to critique his mama's work? LOL. It's her first try Kyle. She'll get minor kinks worked out.

Karlene, I love what you said, "stir sticks in the cup of Mari's gifts." Pretty awesome phrase. It really does make me think we're all sitting together, drinking a hot latte together. Can't wait until we can!

Rita's Random Ramblings 1/08/2011  

I loved every moment of your random vlog!
Fantastic and inspirational!
Next time I'll have a Chantilly Rose latte! :)

Yvonne Blake 1/10/2011  

Mari, you are so brave! (I smiled when you said Laury talked you into it..figures!) I love your wise ramblings. Keep it up!

Mari 1/10/2011  

Thanks for all the encouraging words, everybody.

And to Kyle...all your comments were funny to me. I want my vlogs to be around 5 minutes, I tried to make edits but am still learning and gave up for this one. I memorized what I wanted to (say sort of) and rambled when I lost my place (you should be used to that), and I bought a microphone for under $10 the other day.

Watch for a new vlog in the next couple days.

LauraLee Shaw 1/11/2011  

That was superb! Oh, how I loved hearing your voice and seeing your face at the same time. You are good at these!!!! Your message was great too. Keep 'em comin. ;)

Laury 1/11/2011  

I can't wait to see the next one! We want more! We want more! We want more! :)

The Lander 1/13/2011  

Laury: just wait and I'll be doing Vlogs soon, then Momma can critique me just as much.

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