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>> January 3, 2011

The epilogue isn’t the end, but the beginning.

Recently I wrote a rough draft of a novel that is book two in a series. Story #3 is somewhere in the dark corner of my brain, but I need to finish novels one and two first. I needed to bring Hidden Agenda to a conclusion but subtly indicate to the reader the story wasn’t really finished.

I struggled with passing of time throughout the book and I know #3 needs to be much farther down the road in the lives of my characters. So, I wrote a snappy little epilogue where I summed everything up and prepared the reader for what will happen in the sequel.

My letter K word in the Christianese iBlog series is the Greek word Koinonia. This word is used for the very first time in Acts 2:42 and is translated ‘fellowship’. During the ‘70’s, the word koinonia was attached to church gatherings that resemble the Small Group style of church fellowship today.

And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.

Often when a catchy word is picked up it tends to become overused and lose some of its original meaning. Personally, growing up I thought koinonia meant potluck or Bible Study where food is served. After all, the verse where it first appeared sort of says that.

To simply say Koinonia=Fellowship doesn’t truly define it. There are some interesting tidbits about koinonia that could take more than one blog post but here’s a quick overview.

  • Koinonia is strictly a post-Pentecost relationship.
  •  It is an action word which makes it a purposeful word.
  • The root of koinonia fellowship is common connectedness. As Believers, our common connection is our relationship with Christ.
  •  Koinonia is intimate, intentional, sharing in common communion.

Take the time to read Acts 2 and notice the last seven verses resemble an epilogue of a great story. It leaves the reader with the distinct feeling that there is more to come. And we all know that there was much, much more.The book of Acts is the story of the adventures of the beginning of the church.

And they began…with koinonia.

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Laury 1/04/2011  

And now I know what Koinonia means:) I had never heard it before - not ever:) Thanks for enlightening me. There is nothing like Christian fellowship, that's for sure, and the people of Acts truly knew the meaning of the word koinonia - they lived it.

Lisa Mikitarian 1/04/2011  

We've used the word at our home church as home churches pattern themselves off the early church as read about in ACTS. It just so happens that Sam is teaching about ACTS 2 this coming Sunday. You've helped me understand the word more thoroughly than I had before--it will be interesting to hear Sunday's message with this new info.


Lisa Mikitarian 1/04/2011  

oh, and cool button:)

Rita's Random Ramblings 1/04/2011  

First--I am beyond excited your writing a series! Can't wait to hold your books in my hands and devour them!

Now for the "K" word! Thanks for giving Koinonia such an intricate definition! I will definitely go and read the second chapter of Acts, giving extra attention to the last seven verses!

Mari 1/04/2011  

Laury: I still can't believe you've never heard of Koinonia before. Glad I could...ummm educate you. :)

Lisa: I'm not sure there is such a deep wealth of information in this little post, but it's always interesting when you hear the same topic/passage talked about in more than one place. (button promo coming soon)

Rita: You are so encouraging. The thought of anything I write being in published book form will amaze me should it ever happen. Thanks for your faithful readership.

LauraLee Shaw 1/05/2011  

What a beautiful word and meaning. Thanks for explaining it.

Joanne Sher 1/05/2011  

Beautiful post, and I love the epilogue image. Good stuff, sweetie! Looking forward to "L" (that IS the letter that comes after "K," isn't it?)

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