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Well, Glory!

It’s the holidays and everyone is always excited to find a deal out there. Well, today I have a bargain I hope you’ll enjoy. It’s Buy One Get One FREE day! I’m going to cover two letters in my Christianese A to Z series. Glory Hallelujah!

I said Ga-LO-ry… Hallelujah! Mmmmm…can I get a witness?

Maybe ya’ll didn’t hear me out there…. (I’m grabbing both sides of my podium right now.)
I said Ga- LO-o-o-ry! Ha-ha-ha-lelujah! (my head is a bobbin’, see it?)

Let me explain it to ya’ll! I said; Bold-enthusiastic-worshipful-praise and honor-to-our-Lord!! 

Whew…it’s so much easier to say Glory Hallelujah.

So often when I hear the word GLORY combined with HALLELUJAH I picture a preacher from the south, perhaps an African American, whoopin’ it up good, getting the congregation excited about the Word he is sharing. Hankies wave, old men jump up and do a little jig, and little girls imitate their Mama's and Gramma's swaying back and forth sayin’ “Mmmm… Ga-LO-ry… yes, amen, and Hallelujah!”

And all the white folks grin in conservative agreement. “Amen.”

Football Excitement
Joyful Worship
I grew up in a church where people shout out “Amen” during a sermon, or raise their hand and say “Praise the Lord” when the preacher is excited about a particular point he’s making. During worship singing, it wasn’t unusual to see people get excited while praising their Lord and do small little hops in place (feet remaining on the ground) pumping their hands heavenward with HUGE smiles on their faces. This looked similar to a crowd after a touchdown at a football game. They loved the Lord and they loved being in church.

The word GLORY can refer to the awesome splendor of God. Or it can be an expression of praise… worshipful thanksgiving.

HALLELUJAH simply means praises to Yahweh….Praise the Lord.

The following verse explains my point perfectly:
Psalm 111:1(NKJV)

Praise the LORD!
         I will praise the LORD with my whole heart, 

         In the assembly of the upright and in the congregation. 

Do you see Glory Hallelujah in there? Well, let me give it to you in context from the NMV (New Mari Version):

Psalm 11:1(NMV)

        OH! Glory! Hallelujah!  I’m jumping up and down excited!

         And the saints watch in conservative fashion while the rest of the church joins with me.  

Somewhere along the way, I’ve become a tad bit quieter in my praise. Perhaps it has to do with social etiquette. I think I’d like to change that.  I know it can be a bit intimidating to try something out of the norm, but let’s all give it a try. Let’s start a Glory Hallelujah movement in the assembly of the upright and in the congregation. Are you with me? Can I get an Amen?

Well, Glory!

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Laury 12/04/2010  

I'm with you - Glooory Hallelujah! You made me smile and want to praise God here and now.

Joanne Sher 12/04/2010  

LOVE it Mari. May or may not take you up on that (my kids are hard enough to keep quiet LOL), but I KNOW I'm Glory Hallelujahing on the inside!

BethL 12/04/2010  

Amen, Mari! I "like" your uplifting praise message!

Catrina Bradley... 12/05/2010  

Oooh, I was so tempted this morning! My hands and voice are respectfully low so as not to embarrass my husband, but my feet can't keep still. I bob and weave and dance, and that makes him laugh. :-)

Mari 12/05/2010  

Laury and Cat: I smile because we have worshiped side-by-side before, and it was awesome.

Jo: If you keep Glory Hallelujahing on the inside, it'll spill out in due time. :)

Beth: I always "like" your encouragement online. Thanks ♥

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I honestly don't know who all reads these posts but they are enjoyable to write.

Rita 12/05/2010  

Inspiration doesn't get much better than reading one of your A-Z postings!

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