NaNoWriMo Synopsis

>> October 31, 2010

Evelyn loves life along the Columbia River. Even when she left the homestead at Gorton Creek, she never ventured away from the river’s mighty power and beauty. In her eight decades of life, many things have changed the way life is lived in the name of progress, and the transformations are not over yet.

Megan relocated to Gorton Creek from California in search of a place to pursue her dream of establishing a coffee house. Along the way she met Susan Benson’s family heading to Gorton Creek to become the new ministers at the small struggling church. After a conversation with a handsome waiter she discovers that Gorton Creek is the perfect place for her new life.

Evelyn opens her heart wide to the new minister’s family, Megan, and the handsome waiter. All will have a part in the changes soon to occur. All have their own hopes, dreams…and hidden agendas.

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Laury 11/01/2010  

Sound awesome, Mari, and I love your cover! You can do it! We can do it! Let the month begin.

Joanne Sher 11/01/2010  

REALLY sounds good. Cheering you through, dear Mari.

Karlene 11/02/2010  

Sounds terrific, Mari. Way to go, cheering you on!

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