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>> October 19, 2010

I've stared at my blog a little bit everyday and wondered what in the world I should write about. I do my best writing when I have a prompt like in the faithwriters.com writing challenges. They give us a topic, a word limit, and a deadline. I think I've become pretty good at addressing the topic in 750 words by Wednesday night. I'm pretty consistent and *hangs head in shame* addicted.

Well, I've decided that I need those guidelines for consistent blogging. I also don't want my blog to become boring, overly spiritual, or address the same type of things over and over again. (A pattern I see in past blog posts) I like to write in a light humorous style, but I usually tend to dwell on spiritual content from day-to-day living. My friend LauraLee once said her life was a walking blog. I hear ya, Sister! 

My other bloggy downfall is a character flaw I have. I tend to start things and not finish them. Shocker, I know. My daughter was sooo impressed when I made a scrapbook for her as a graduation gift that showed her life from birth to adult. (All you scrapbookers out there don't get too thrilled, I don't scrap the way you might think I do...but hey, I think she liked it.) 

This habit of start to finish failure, I've discovered, is a HUGE common issue among almost every writer I've met. I think (in my own little thinker world) that's why faithwriters had the brainchild of a weekly challenge. They knew there were so many gifted authors out there waiting to be discovered that needed to be disciplined. Besides the fact that the simple exercise of writing every week helps to hone our skills. I Faithwriters!

I love the movie Julie & Julia. Julie is a writer. She has yet to finish a project that brings her that I'm a Writer satisfaction. She decides to blog her way through Julia Child's cook book in a year; 524 recipes in 365 days. I'm not quite that ambitious. Nor do I think I could do something for a whole year. (please don't look at my through-the-Bible-in-a-year chart.) *Head hangs in shame again*

So, after a recent conversation with a woman that sat with me one evening while Les was gone, I brainstormed with Laury tonight. I think I've come up with an iBlog challenge for myself. 

*Deep breath*

Christiansese A-Z

There are 10 weeks left in the year and 26 letters of the alphabet. For the rest of the year I'll attempt to address 26 different Christian words/terms that are often misunderstood, taken out of context, or over used for no good reason. For example, the other evening I explained such words as: mercy, grace, justification, sanctification... you get the idea.

I stress the word attempt. I also plan to edit my novel, participate in NaNoWriMo, babysit my grandkids full-time, work my way back into ministry after healing from surgery, take a vacation to Arizona to see my daughter and grandsons, eat turkey, Christmas shop, eat right, exercise, clean house, cook...you get the picture.

I'm not a gambling person, so please, no bets should be made on whether I complete my iBlog challenge. I'd hate to be responsible for the loss of someone's riches, because in all honesty...this one could go either way, folks. 

I hope to accomplish this with a simple, light, humorous, yet spiritual touch. Anyone have a word/term they want to throw my way for consideration?

I'm blessed to be divinely inspired and to have this opportunity to be an anointed vessel for His glory. To use the spiritual gifts that have been bestowed upon me to further the Kingdom of God and bring about a divine Word for the edification of the body of Christ, otherwise known as...the Church.

Do you speak Christianese?

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Rita's Random Ramblings 10/19/2010  

Maybe, just maybe we accomplish enough of the things on our long lists to make a difference. Even though each item on the list is only completed in part. It must be time to go to bed. Not sure I'm even making sense to me.
I look forward to your Christianese posting--even if you don't complete "26."
Praying for you. Hugs, Rita

Mari 10/19/2010  

You make perfect sense to me, Rita. Thanks for the encouragement. Got any words you want to throw in for consideration? Maybe after you've slept you can think on it.


Joanne Sher 10/20/2010  

Cheering you on, Mari. Rah rah - sis boom bah!! :)

Mari 10/20/2010  

I see those raised pom poms. Thank you, Jo.

Sara Harricharan 10/20/2010  

This made me smile, Mari. I'll be cheering for you right along with JJ! ^_^

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