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>> September 16, 2010

So...I've taken up a side hobby of designing blogs for my friends. Nothing fancy. I seem to be drawn to s simple smooth look and the recipients appear to be happy with my style of html art work.

Well after fiddling with html codes, hunting for the perfect pictures, playing with color schemes for five fellow pen-wielding, key-board-hammering, writing comrades... I started to look at my own blog with dissatisfaction. `:o/ Grant it, my red design had been my first attempt at figuring out my own stuff. Previously, I'd been copying codes from the scad-loads of free blog layouts off the internet, never fully satisfied with any of them. After all...your blog should scream "HEY EVERYBODY...THIS IS ME!!"  I'm not so sure my last blog design screamed anything and truth be told...I'm not a big fan of red.

I'm pretty sure this design screams ME, and those who know me at all will see that too. I hope you stop on in from time to time, grab a latte and a piece of chocolate, and spend a little bit of time with "me" in blogland. I need to produce stuff to be read. :oP

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Lisa Mikitarian 9/16/2010  

Nice!!!! It really does look like you. Great job:)

Yvonne Blake 9/16/2010  

Yup! That's our Mari!

Joanne Sher 9/16/2010  

Definitely you, sweetie. SO Mari. Like it TONS :)

Mari 9/16/2010  

Thanks, everybody!

Laury 9/16/2010  

So awesome, Mari. I think I gained 10 pounds just looking at your header!

Karlene 9/16/2010  

Definitely you! LOVE the latte look. Your header does speak to me. It's saying, "You want one, you know you do." :)

BethL 9/16/2010  

I will try not to read your blog on an empty stomach. :) Love the new look!

Pat 9/17/2010  

I have the same cup! And it's out all the time ... even though I can't drink coffee right now. Such-a-BUMMER!
Love the look, feel and smell of your new bloggie style!

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