Identical Opposites

>> September 28, 2010

Our house has been invaded by sluggish grasshoppers. We have an AC unit in the window and it appears they've found the tiny areas around the unit that aren't sealed shut. Daily we see the little buggers sleepily perched on a window blind, or hiding in the corner somewhere. They seem to be really losing their hop-ability.

Last night I had the giggles because I could hear one jumping on a WalMart bag in my bedroom. Les had already drifted off to sleep. It sort of went like this:

Trapped grasshopper: hop-thud-crinkle sound.
Me: Giggle
Les: *snore-snort* huh?

Since I babysit my grandkids full-time, I am always looking for learning opportunities, especially when Celina is at pre-school and I have just the twins. Today became a fun learning process.

I spotted a grasshopper on the blinds while getting their snack ready. It hopped towards me and landed on my shirt. We examined it for awhile, I took pictures, then we headed out to the back porch to set him free.

"Bye-bye Grasshopper."
"Bye-bye muffle-muffle-per"

While they ate I looked online for grasshopper coloring pages. We compared the picture of the one attached to my shirt to the one on the paper.

At lunch time there was another invader in the kitchen. invasion. Good thing I'm not afraid of them.

Twin back-story moment here: 

My son and his wife take great pride in establishing their identical twins as individuals. While they may dress similar, they don't wear the exact same clothes. From the very beginning, Anthony's hair has been cut short, and Afton's left a bit longer. (This also aided in the ability to know which child's name to holler when their backs were to us.) Anthony generally wears blues, blacks, and darker colors while Afton wears the red, greens or lighter colors.
Anthony's not so messy berry face.
Afton's messy berry face
I think all this has assisted in their own personalities developing. Anthony tends to be pickier...meticulous... a bit OCDish. Afton is more laid back. When they eat lunch, Afton's area is sloppy, more crumbs on the floor and his chair needs wiped down daily. Anthony will get down 2 or 3 times to pick up what he has dropped, always announcing "I be back...ok?" He hates having his hands dirty so the sticky chair isn't as big of issue with him.

When they color, Anthony will focus on one area changing colors often. Afton randomly scrawls all over the paper, generally with one    color, almost violently at times.

Enter grasshopper observations. :o)

Grandma doesn't panic when said creature attaches itself to her belly. Anthony is very startled and stares at it (and me) with wide-eyed fear. Afton...laughs.

Second hopper observation... Grandma makes a big deal about another visitor and shows them what happens when I touch it. It hops away a few feet. Anthony backs up, Afton comes closer to me. I touch it again and it lands on the refrigerator. Anthony gasps and backs farther away. Afton investigates on his own.

Touch...giggle. Hopper doesn't move. Touch again. Hopper sort of moves. Afton looks at me smiling and then boldly swats at it. Hopper jumps to the floor. He is so excited, laughs and looks at Anthony then me and pronounces: "Anth-y turn."

"Anthony's turn?"

"No. Not my turn."

"Anth-y turn," Afton insists.

Anthony backs away, true fear in his eyes, "No...your turn. No wanna turn."

By then Hopper has decided he's done playing and has disappeared under the fridge. Afton wanders off to play, but Anthony stands and stares at the escape route of Hopper anticipating it's return with fearful curiosity.

I sure love my identical opposite twin grandsons. So similar... yet very different.

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Laury 9/28/2010  

So funny:) Makes me smile.

Rita's Random Ramblings 9/28/2010  

Thanks for the smiles today! Delightful and blessed grandsons!! :)

Joanne Sher 9/28/2010  

Such a delightful read, Mari. Made me smile.

Valerie 9/28/2010  


The only time Anthony is messier while eating is when we have spaghetti. Then Anthony is mr. messy and Afton is Mr. Clean

The Lander 10/13/2010  

the twins always bring smiles

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