Between the Storms

>> August 7, 2010

Between the Storms. The title of my friend, Laury's, new blog. Laury is teaching me a lot about living life between the storms.

We all have stormy seasons in our life. Matthew tells us that He sends rain on the just and on the unjust alike. Idoesn't matter who you are, what you do for a living, what color your skin is, what part of the world you live in...we all have experience them

Winds knock us over, rains pelt against our souls, darkness envelopes us, and thunderous clashes shake us to the core of our being. And when it's all over... what do you do? Do you hide in the cave of your home, feeling safe and secure? Are you afraid to peek out to see what the skies look like should another storm be just on the horizon? That's no way to live...between the storms... in fear of the next tempest's approach.

Broken, bruised, and battered we still push through. We clean up the debris, repair the damage, and live on. With steadfast patience, we nurture our faith, strengthening our foundation to be firm for the next squall. We take courage and rest in the fact that He will never leave us or forsake us, even in the midst of the storms.

Jesus shared about the wise and foolish builders. One who built on the rock, the other on the sand. When the storms hit their homes, the foolish man's house fell flat. The wise man's house built on the rock endured the storm and remained standing. 

And between the storms...the wise man enjoyed the view, and lived life with purpose.  

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Joanne Sher 8/08/2010  

Amen. That is where we ALL are - unless we're in the midst. Super thoughts, Mari.

Laury 8/08/2010  

Through the storm and then the clean-up after the storm damage, those are the hard times. Thank you for helping me to know myself better through the blog development. What a process!

I'm glad to walk with you no matter the weather, but I especially like the times between the storms:)


Sherri 8/08/2010  

I'm glad I have Him to hold on to - whether in the midst or in-between!

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