All who are Thirsty

>> August 14, 2010

Have you ever been so thirsty that you can't even swallow? You know the kind of thirst that makes your tongue unable to function properly. You can't seem to form your words in a coherent manner and you eventually give up until you can quench the thirst with a cool refreshing drink.

The thought of quenching my thirst spiritually has been heavy on my mind. My tongue doesn't say the things it could to encourage others because I'm too thirsty myself. If I want to hand out thirst quenching sips of life giving water, I must go to the Wellspring first.

A wellspring is where the source of fresh spring water bubbles up from the ground. The Source. Naturally sweet. Abundantly refreshing. Jesus offered living water to the Samaritan woman at the well. He was her Source to perfectly quench a thirst she didn't understand.

On September 17 & 18 I hope to attend  Fresh Grounded Faith, an area wide women's conference hosted by Cedar Park Assembly of God and the Northwest Ministry Network Women's dept.

I follow the blogs and facebook pages of two main Fresh Grounded Faith speakers, Jennifer Rothschild and Lysa TerKeurst, and look forward to the opportunity to sit under their teaching.

It's my desire to attend this conference so that I may sit at the Wellspring, quench my thirst, and share sips of the Living Water when I am refreshed. If you live in Washington and are interested in attending, check out the online registration info. The registration is only $34 until August 23rd.

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Laury 8/14/2010  

Wish I could go with you. Sounds like a great conference.

drphiltoo 8/15/2010  

We thank you for the mention. Can't wait to see you there Mari. Jennifer and phil Rothschild

Lisa Mikitarian 8/15/2010  

Sounds like a good time for spiritual nourishment. Wish I could come, too:)

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