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>> July 29, 2010

Work. Play. Work some more.

The last couple days, I've shut the world out (which isn't a bad thing some days) and focused on accomplishing projects on the computer. Some writing, some study, some favors for friends, all interspersed with a Scrabble turn here and there. :) But today I focused on my blog. I'm no techie nerd, but I'm pretty good at learning as I go.

A blog should speak of who you are. I didn't want to tamper with my design or title...I've already "found me" in that way a few months back. What I felt like I needed to do was streamline it some. Unclutter the overall appearance and evaluate what I want to truly accomplish in blogland.

I also know I need to get serious about ministry. I desire to pursue speaking, singing and writing. For me to say that on a public forum is a scary thing. I battle with the "who does she think she is?" feelings. You know the ones from high school where you get a new cool outfit and the "in" crowd thinks you suddenly have become a wanna be? Or you audition for a solo and the "usual" soloists sneer at you in disgust before you even open your mouth?

I'm approaching 30 years out of high school (yay class of '81!) and those emotions still gurgle out of the mucky-mire deep within me.

I've read good novels and set them aside and said, "I can write that good."

I've listened to soloists that have ministered in our church or at large events and my husband has said, "You're that good or better." (Bless his heart)

I've attended conferences and women's events and listened to a variety of speakers and thought, "I can do that."

So, I need to boldly proclaim: I can, I am, and I can...do everything through him who gives me strength...and... has called me according to His purposes...so...I will trust in Him with all my heart, and certainly not lean on my own understanding.

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Laury 7/29/2010  

Yes you can! And I'll always be here to cheer you on.

LauraLee Shaw 7/29/2010  

A huge AMEN from me, sister! March onward with HIm as your guide. ;) And btw, the blog looks great!

Yvonne 7/30/2010  

God can't use someone who is afraid to step out in faith. Take a deep breath and JUMP!

Joanne Sher 7/30/2010  

Praying, sweetie. You CAN do it.

Lisa Mikitarian 7/30/2010  

Go forth and do great things, Mari--I know you can, too.

Catrina Bradley... 8/06/2010  

Awesome, Mari!!! Jump on out there - God's just waiting to lift you higher. :)

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