A Niggle-Nudge

>> June 2, 2010

A few weeks ago we were traveling in the bus from Vancouver, WA to the Oregon coast via the I-205 bridge. We needed to go west through Portland which can be tricky in itself, let alone in a 40’ bus towing a car. Les asked me to set up the GPS help navigate us. Good ol’ technology.

Traffic was thick, lanes were narrow, and people don’t seem to understand that a 40’ bus needs breathing room. The Woman’s voice on GPS advised us to “bear left ahead”, but the traffic wouldn’t allow us to change lanes to accomplish this task. We were stuck going with the flow of the traffic in the heart of Portland freeway confusion.

The GPS tried to establish a new route but she just didn’t seem to be able to spout out instructions fast enough. Les had to rely on his natural instinct along with his previous experience of driving in this area. I on the other hand was in a panic thinking we were going to have to cross the bridge into Washington and find a place to turn around (no small feat for a 40’ monster without power steering)…or worse; be in an accident.

I watched with bated breath while Les maneuvered the bus and found a way to cross over the Freemont bridge, establishing a new route and get us headed in the right direction. Even with modern technology at our fingertips we could have been in an accident or re-routed in the complete wrong direction. We could have been delayed and forced to endured stressful frustrations.

How many times in life situations are we forced to go with flow? We are pushed in directions we don’t really want to go and our instincts and past experiences niggle at us to take a different path.

That little niggle-nudge is often the whisper of the Holy Spirit. When Les was maneuvering our bus in such tight situations, you can bet your booties (if you‘re the betting type…or if you have booties) I was praying a panic prayer. It sort of went like this: “Oh God. Please God.” Yeah, elegant words, huh?

However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth… John 16:13
I am so thankful for the whisper of the Holy Spirit, the gentle guidance He gives, His quick answer to my unsophisticated panic prayer, and a husband that has the instincts and experience to listen and obey.

The situation with the bus seems minor in the grand scheme of things, but it served as a gentle reminder of His protection. I’d call this a practice run for potentially bigger issues ahead (Oh joy).

I have enough individualism in me that I don’t like to go with the flow…I’d rather rely on instinct, past experiences, and the Holy Spirit. Gut.Past.Spirit. A GPS that never fails.

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Laury 6/02/2010  

God certainly has His hand of protection on you and Les. I'm so grateful for that. Praying for my favorite Pastor and his wife continually:)

Anonymous,  6/03/2010  

Good post. Thanks!
GPS-God's Perfect Signal.

Joanne Sher 6/03/2010  

Love this, Mari. Not the betting type - nor do I have booties, but I can definitely relate to this. Praying for my own GPS (and yours!)

Rita's Random Ramblings 6/03/2010  

Love the comparison of a GPS to our personal relationship with the Holy Spirit leading and guiding us. If only I would learn to listen more often. You inspire me! Rita

LauraLee Shaw 6/03/2010  

Well-written, beautiful analogy. So thankful for that protection. We're on the same wave length blog-wise. ;)

Lisa Mikitarian 6/13/2010  

Great article AND I got to see the "bus" that I've been hearing about--very cool. Maybe some time you'll take an east coast road trip:)

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