A Broom, a Bee, and the Need to Pee

>> May 4, 2010

I danced with a yellow jacket one morning. It wasn’t pretty.

Our first venture of the season in the bus always tends to be a bit... interesting. Bright and early our first morning, (well as bright as a dreary, grey, rain saturated morning could be) Les took his dog out to do her thing and I shuffled my groggy-self into the bathroom.

The sight of big fat stinging creature hovering on the toilet seat woke me up fast. I stayed calm because he seemed rather sleepy in our cold spring weather.

“Weapon. I need a weapon.”

I grabbed the cheap skinny-handled broom and whacked at it.

“Where’d he go?” The little bugger was caught inside the bristles and his wings and legs were trying to push free.

In desperate need of sweet relief, barefoot and holding my knees together in the potty dance position, I proceeded to beat the broom on the floor. By the time the aluminum broom handle became mangled the bee fell out of the bristles dazed, yet crawling! I literally picked up the corner of the throw rug and swept him under and with grace and flare I stomped my bare foot on the rug and squished him. I promptly made a beeline to end the tortuous potty dance.

I forgot all about the incident until that night lying in bed. I told Les about my Dance of the Bee. He needed a good laugh. I asked him to remind me to lift the rug and sweep up the dead creature lest I step on it and inadvertently still get stung.

I got to thinking how my whole bee experience reminded me of situations we’ve known where sin is swept under the carpet; out of sight, out of mind. Just because the sin is hidden doesn’t mean it can’t come back to sting you.

So often we can ease into complacency and allow sin to creep into our lives. Our definition of sin becomes glossed over...excused. It appears like a sleepy yellow-jacket, not an immediate threat, yet potentially dangerous.

“…and be sure your sin will find you out.” Numbers 32:23

How about you? Have you had a Dance of the Bee in your life? Have you swatted at some sin but not quite removed it? Maybe it’s time to pick up the rug, shake it, and sweep away anything that falls out and eliminate it once and for all.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to be stung by something I thought was dead.

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Laury 5/04/2010  

I love your re-telling of this. You did it much better on your blog than the telephone version:) lol. You are right, sin will come back and bite us if we try to hide it. Great post! Great job switching it from potty dance to Biblical application. Only you could pull that off. lol!

Sherri 5/04/2010  

What a great analogy! Often my prayer is, "Lord, help me know what my sins are that I may confess them to You." I guess that's because I may not know everything I've "swept under the rug." I love your line, 'Just because the sin is hidden doesn't mean it can't come back to sting you.' Truth to live by!

Mari 9/06/2010  

I'm testing something about comments.

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