Surface Clean

>> April 5, 2010

I surface clean. I know that is an awful confession, but it’s true. I am no Martha Stewart.

Today when I swept and mopped, I moved chairs that my grandkids generally sit in at the kitchen table. Every time I do this I think, Hmm, these chairs feel sort of gross and sticky, and then I promptly put them back when the floor is dry.

When I fold towels I tend to just shove them into the linen closet however they fit as long as the cupboard door closes. My closets are messy, my drawers unorganized, nooks and crannies dirty, windows dingy…ergh.

I even entertained guests in my mess recently. (and fed them meals/snacks on paper plates) ugh. I am so NOT the hostess with the mostest. I’m thankful they didn’t go through my house with white gloves.

About once or twice a year I reach a point where surface cleaning starts to get to me. I begin to make a mental list of things that need some extra attention. I become full of inspiration and good intentions but quick on my heels is my dear friend, procrastination.


Sometimes I feel my life is a lot like my house. Surface cleaned. Just doing what it takes to make things appear to be presentable. I sort of eat right. I get a little bit of exercise. I pray, when I remember. I read my Bible, if I’m not too tired. I carry out my church responsibilities, mostly out of obligation.

I know I need to dedicate some time to spring cleaning around the house, but more importantly I have come to the realization that I need a deep clean in my life.

This week Les and I will enjoy a much needed get-away in our bus to the Oregon coast. We will use this time to relax, rejuvenate, refocus, and come home prepared to do a bit of spring cleaning.

When my daughter gave her Salutatorian speech in high school she said that her parents taught her:
Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might. (Ecclesiastes 9:10)
 I think I need to practice what I preach on that one and clean below the surface of my life.

Spring cleaning anyone?

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Rita's Random Ramblings 4/05/2010  

I love it and it made me giggle at times. Thank you for sharing this terrific article. I really like this thought, "clean below the surface of my life."
Hugs, Rita

Hanne Moon 4/05/2010  

Great post, Mari! I love this one. Yes, I so resemble this! My husband asked me the other day, "Do you EVER move the wine bottle rack on the counter and clean behind it? How about the microwave?" I just looked at him in astonishment. "You're supposed to move them?" I asked. He rolled his eyes and snorted. Hmmm...

Yvonne 4/06/2010  

Good devotional...if you come help me with my spring cleaning, I'll help you with

Laury 4/06/2010  

I can relate to this so well, unfortunately. Great post and a great call to action.

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