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>> April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday is the longest day of the year...for a pastor and his wife. My responsibilities varied greatly and seemed to last forever. It started with rising early and joining the bird's song by leading hymns at a sunrise service. (And we actually SAW the sunrise this year. *A-MA-zing*,) then moved on to making breakfast for those who braved the early hour. On to worship practice which blended into leading worship and blurred into singing a special.

I don't mean to seem non-spiritual, but the highlight of Easter (other than the nap) had to be the egg hunt after church. My three-year-old granddaughter, Celina, ran past wrapped candy and several plastic eggs as she selected only the blue and purple eggs, then moved on to pink. She momentarily became distracted when she found an egg that had spilled on the ground and discovered what was inside the eggs.

"Wook-it, Ga'ma," she held an individual M&M in amazement. "Candy!"


Then there were the two-year-old twin grandsons. Anthony thought the object of this tradition was to step on the eggs and Afton appeared more interested in picking up the spillage of said stepped on eggs than the bigger prizes that awaited him.

The adults had to play a much more active role than they expected and outnumbered the children. I even caught the kids' favorite "church Grandpa" doing his own hunt. I should add that he gave them to Anthony but I was tempted to pat down his pockets before he left.

My favorite picture I took is of the youngest in the nursery, Sammy. He had enough of the hunt and wanted to get to the goods. He plopped his diapered tushy in the wet grass and dumped his basket and proceeded to feast on the anticipated sugary treats. Poor Becky. I wonder how HER afternoon went.

Aside from rejoicing and celebrating our Savior's resurrection, the egg hunt brought such joy in my long stressful day.

God Bless the little ones!

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Catrina Bradley... 4/06/2010  

Thank you for sharing your joy. :) I love watching the little ones on the egg hunt, and I can look at the photos forever and ever. can we make it more "spiritual" for them?

Rita's Random Ramblings 4/06/2010  

Making memories with family-it doesn't get much better than that! So happy your day turned out great. We were doing much the same things with our family, so I understand the joy, I felt it too! Grandkids are a gift from God!!!! Hugs, Rita

Laury 4/07/2010  

No egg hunts for us this year. Sad:( Love your pictures. So glad you shared. Hope you get rested up after the long day.

LauraLee Shaw 4/08/2010  

Those are SUCH sweet pics. Love them! So glad your day ended with a blessing. ;)

Anonymous,  4/08/2010  

The egg hunt sounds like a blast! Love your photo slideshow.


Rita's Random Ramblings 4/08/2010  

Grandkids-gift from God!

Glad your day was filled with adorable grandkids, so was mine! Hugs, Rita

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