It Happens

>> March 1, 2010

Les got a new puppy. He has always loved Basset hounds. We threw names around while Les held her in his lap and settled on the name of Evie.

Our daughter and her boys are visiting us and Evie walked in to a ton of excited love for the ‘prise that Melissa had told Nathan about. The boys love Evie and are very helpful in spotting puppy piddle and poop.

“Oh no! I see poop again.” Nathan’s exasperated cry came from the end of the hall one time.

“Eww, Papa…Papa, doggy ewww.” Josiah stood at Les’ feet to get his attention. After all with a puppy in the house…it happens.

The clincher came when Josiah was in the kitchen alone and we heard him say his now infamous “Eww, doggy, eww.” He ran out to the living room to get Papa’s attention with a dishtowel in his hand then ran back into the kitchen. I got there just in time to see him attempt to use the dish towel to pick up the offending pile much like he had seen Papa do with a paper towel.

In his efforts to be helpful Josiah got some nastiness on his finger tips. Melissa whisked him away for a thorough hand washing. Grossness.

When Josiah returned and watched Papa handle it the correct way he kept flicking his fingers like he still had some on there. The residual feeling remained even after he was clean.

I’m sure many of you know where this story is headed.

How often in life do we have nastiness to deal with? Sometimes we run around and say: “Oh no! I am dealing with______ (you fill in the blank) again.”

Josiah had the right idea at first, coming to Papa and letting him take care of it, but eventually he thought he could do it himself and the only thing he accomplished was getting it all over him. (and my clean towel).

Aren’t we like that? We think we can take care of our messes ourselves and fail to call on our Papa to take care of it the way He knows best. And sometimes the choices we make about our messes leave a residual feeling of memories, even when we have been cleansed.

Sigh. Josiah did a good job reminding me to turn to my Papa to take care of the messes in my life before I allow it to stick to me and haunt me later. And we all know, until we reach heaven, there will always be grossness in our lives.

After happens.

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Laury 3/01/2010  

Evie is so cute. Gotta love those puppy dog eyes:) I wonder if that's how our Papa sees us when we've gotten into a mess? LOL. Sad little puppy dog eyes looking up to Him asking for His help:)

LauraLee Shaw 3/02/2010  

Perfect analogy. One I'm familiar with for sure!

What cute lil punkins. The puppy and the sweet Josiah.

Anonymous,  3/03/2010  

Your new puppy is adorable! I love those droopy ears.


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