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>> March 25, 2010

I laugh. I cry. I eat chocolate. I am a woman. So how can God use me?

From the age of thirteen I knew I had a call of God on my life. For twenty-five years I’ve ministered side-by-side with my husband in various small town churches. Many times I’ve sat in women’s conferences (small or large) sponsored by my denomination and thought: “I could do this.” But then the feeling of inadequacy as a small town pastor’s wife drags me to the dark pit of Someday.

Alas, I am Gideon; the least of the least of these. A nobody. Hiding in the winepress, threshing my daily quota of grain just hoping and praying I can survive. One difference between myself and Gideon, other than gender ;) … I’m a dreamer.

I refuse to be a dreamer that sits on the porch swing on a hot summer night sipping my lemonade with my granddaughter telling her to dream big and go after God’s purpose for her life, while my heart wrenches within me knowing I’m not practicing what I preach. Regret is an awful companion.

She Speaks Conference is an awesome opportunity for women to take a step towards their dreams, their calling. The conference offers tracks for those who desire to pursue speaking, writing, and women’s ministry leadership…a well rounded event that captured my attention when an online writing friend of mine, Laura Lee Shaw, attended last year.

I have pestered poor Laura with questions and she has joyfully fed me morsels of information from her learning experience. I’ve never met Laura face-to-face, but I see tremendous growth in her since she experienced this awesome opportunity.

I know God has called me. I know I have gifts to offer. I know I have a dream to sing, speak, and write. I can’t help but wonder if She Speaks could possibly be the next step to fulfill my dream. The opportunity to attend a conference of this caliber via a scholarship would be a blessing that could springboard me towards God’s purpose in my life.

I am a woman…with a dream.

She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue.” Proverbs 31:26

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LauraLee Shaw 3/26/2010  

Wow, Mari, this is beautifully written. You are a gifted writer, and I know so many turn to you for wisdom, advice, Biblical guidance...I've no doubt that "She Speaks" would only grow the confidence behind the gifts God has already given you. It certainly did for me. Not only that: Along with all the incredible information comes spiritual renewal as well, a beautiful combination. God is good. I know if it is His absolute best for you, you will be there. I'm praying!

Anonymous,  4/05/2010  

Oh, I hope you get to go! A friend of mine told me about She Speaks last year. I'd love to one day go in order to grow as a writer. I'll say a prayer for you.


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