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>> February 4, 2010

I have a couple friends (Yes, believe it or not, it's true) that were chatting about Google Reader. These friends are hip, busy, chics that seem to know the ins and outs of all things writer-friendly. They manage children in their home, husbands in their beds way space, volunteer positions in their churches, and on top of all that, they are hot in pursuit of their writing destiny.

The other day one of them mentioned reading blogs with Google Reader.

“Google Reader?” some perplexed individual asked.

“You have something that reads your blogs for you?” the young one who types before thinking asked.

I, the wise one that didn’t want to look stupid, did what every person who practically lives with a computer in her lap (did I just admit that out loud?) does. I googled it. If it was a new hot thing to make my life easier or make me look cool, I wanted in. After all, if my heroes use it, so must I.

Google Reader is a place where you can have all the blogs you follow appear in the same window where you can scroll down and read through them all. It is set up similar to an email.

After following the trend for a few weeks I have decided to share my opinion of this strangely named wonder. I have decided the perfect analogy and I have been thinking on it for two weeks.

Google Reader is like Starbucks drive-thru. Don’t laugh! It’s true. And I hate to point it out to my dear heroes, but I don’t like going through the Starbucks drive-thru.

When I am out and about and unable to make my own latte at home, I prefer to go to Starbucks. A few years ago I had a friend that wanted to go through the drive-thru on our way out of town for a Pastor’s wife retreat. I said, “Oh no, Pam…park the car. We must go inside. We NEED to experience Starbucks” (or something to that effect)

I had to explain to the latte-novice dear that one cannot experience the full gratification of a latte by going through the drive-thru. She was kid-free and with me, let’s do it correctly.

The moment you step inside a Starbucks your senses are immediately triggered: The sound of the milk being steamed, the smell of the fresh coffee, the sight of goodies in the pastry case, and the feel of unity even though everyone is a stranger.

If you go through the drive-thru you talk to a box, stick your arm out your car window, and juggle your precious latte while you drive on through. You miss out on the experience.

What does this have to do with Google Reader, you ask?

Each of us who blog has spent time (probably way too much time) putting our personality into our blog pages. Everyone’s space looks different and we are forever changing things to update, upgrade, upscale our look. I NEED to experience blog-hopping.

If I use Google Reader I find myself skimming through everyone’s post, not really reading it and bored because there isn’t anything cool or new to fulfill my ADD stimulation needs. And I simply cannot read Adding Zest without experiencing the well designed site. *wink*

So I must apologize to my fellow writing heroes (you know who you are). This is one trend I refuse to follow you on.

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Laury 2/04/2010  

The first item of business when walking into Starbucks -- breathe in deeply:) ahhhhh... I love seeing all the different blog looks, too.


Catrina Bradley... 2/04/2010  

I'm with you - I tried Google Reader, but missed the bloggy experience. And if I want to skim, I can do it on the Blogger Dashboard. ;)

Yvonne 2/04/2010  

Thanks for the warning! I'll stick to visiting my friends in their blog "homes."

Psst...I've never experienced a Starbucks, Mari.

Mari 2/05/2010  

I'm with you. I'll just keep blog hopping :)

Chely 2/05/2010  

I agree, 100%. Fantastic analogy, too. I want to see the blog page; it's typically very atmospheric to the writing style of the blogger. Blogs are personal, friendly. There's a sense of getting to know someone. Google Reader over sanitizes the blog reading experience.

LauraLee Shaw 2/18/2010  

Well, I agree...for the most part. I haven't had time to do either lately! So I'm missing both experiences! But oh yeahhhh, you made me want a Starbux reeeally badly. I was telling B y'day that you know I go to Starbux too much when all the employees come to the window to rave over my new hairstyle. hahaha. I got more attention from them than my friends! ROFL. So yeah, keep it unique and real. Go for the whole experience. That way everyone can notice your "style." ;)

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