Farewell to the Queen

>> February 19, 2010

They called her Mrs. Tappero, Sister Tappero, Evelyn, Mom, Mother, and in her college days, Evy…

The introduction to Evelyn Tappero’s memorial video played and my mind instantly wandered off to images of this Godly woman. In my child-like memories I call her the Queen. Her regal, elegant, demeanor graced the “piano” side of the sanctuary, second row of the old Renton Assembly church on Hardie Avenue.

From the gracious comments to each parishioner that shook her hand, her encouraging words to those stretching their wings in ministry, her immaculate appearance with every hair in place…she seemed like a queen to me.

I let my mind wander briefly to the scene I’ve played over and over again of a chubby thirteen-year-old tomboy offering all she had at the altar and hearing God whisper; “I want you to be a pastor’s wife.” Overwhelmed with all my inadequacies I peeked over at my queenly PW and let God know I could never be like her. He assured me that He created me so He knew what I could and couldn’t be.

As it turned out, I am nothing like Evelyn Tappero…yet I am exactly like her. Faithful to my God and a supportive partner with my husband as we minister to the flock God sets us in.

I remember one Easter my little girl white gloved hand shook her gloved hand. “Well say,” Sister Tappero bent over to be close to my face. “Don’t you look lovely in your Easter hat and gloves?”

On February 5th 2010, the Queen of Renton Assembly of God received her well deserved crown in heaven. Someday I will stand beside her with my own crown. I can almost hear her say “Oh my, that is a lovely crown you have there.”

Ahh, Sister Tappero…well done thou good and faithful servant…well done indeed.

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Laury 2/19/2010  

I love this tribute to your childhood pastor's wife. She sounds like an awesome person.

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