>> January 23, 2010

I lived in the same house until the day I married. Our house didn’t seem like much, but it was home. I grew up on a shy acre with land all around to roam on: woods, fields, pasture land, and creeks. A true paradise for a kid.

When Les and I first married we lived in a bottom floor apartment that didn’t get much natural light. Our living room stayed dark all the time but the sun would pour into our bedroom in the most annoying way on a lazy Saturday. Plants died right and left due to lack of sunshine. (at least that’s my story and I’ll stick to it.)

I couldn’t stand it. When our lease was about up, my adoring hubby began to search for a house to rent. We found a little 2 bedroom cement block home built after WWII when the government built houses fast for soldiers returning home.

We had great neighbors, a bit of space around us, and our own washer and dryer. What more could a young couple want?

Less than a year later the old oil furnace needed repaired and our landlord just didn’t believe us. We would go to the neighbors and warm up in front of their wood stove and run home and jump into our heated waterbed. The search was on for a different place to live that would be perfect for us.

In the first seven years of marriage we lived in six homes before we went into full-time ministry. In twenty-three years of ministry we’ve lived in thirteen homes and that doesn’t include the times we had to move back home with my parents between ministry positions. I truly have “traipsed around” in life.

My childhood home, the only house I could truly call home, has been demolished to make room for progress. I’ve learned to not be overly attached to a house.

I’ve heard the phrase “home is where your heart is” and honestly I don’t quite know where that is for me. Often I feel overwhelmed with burdens of life and I cry out to God with a heavy heart. He never fails to remind me where my heart needs to be at home.

Mark 12:30 And you shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ This is the first commandment.

I cling to this verse with all that I have in me and I know that if I strive to love the Lord with all my heart…my heart will be at home with my Abba-daddy.

As I continue to Traipse through life with a Mari Heart I can say…home truly is where your heart is.

Has your heart found Home?

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Laury 1/23/2010  

You have a soft, pliable heart, perfectly crafted by your Daddy.

Anonymous,  1/23/2010  

Home is where the husband is.
Home is where the kids are (until they're 18).

DS told us a few years back we'd never get rid of him because he had it too good at home. Now he's in his teens his mind has changed considerably!

Yvonne 1/24/2010  

Your story is just the opposite of mine. I moved about all through my childhood and found my home when I met Randy...but I understand the feeling completely!

Although, it took me years to finally feel settled and content.

Joanne Sher 1/24/2010  

Home is DEFINITELY where the heart is! Loved this post.

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