Great Potential

>> April 24, 2008

I recently had a discussion about roller coasters with our guest evagelist, Dan and Marty Womack. I decided to pull this older post out of the archives from my old blog and re-post it here. I hope you enjoy my random ramblings and glean something to chew on a bit.

Do you ever feel like you are riding a roller coaster through life? You feel the anxiety as the cars slowly climb the hill knowing that when you reach the peak you will be sent soaring down the hill on the other side. You sail through the flat part and start another climb up the next hill. It is fun, tense, exciting, a rush, scary, freaky, thrilling…..all wrapped up in one experience. Yet when it is done, you run to get in line to do it all over again. Well, I don’t, but you might.

Let's have a quick science lesson here. The initial lift hill in a roller coaster serves to build up potential energy. Once you start cruising down that first hill, gravity takes over and all the built up potential energy changes to kinetic energy. Gravity applies a constant downward force on the cars.

An object can store energy as a result of its position. Like the roller coaster car at the top of the hill. This is potential energy. An object which has motion (the roller coaster car going down the hill) then becomes kinetic energy.

Every Sunday, as I glance across the congregation, I see great potential energy. Many have strapped themselves into a car of the roller coaster with excitement. They come to church anticipating a move of God in the midst of His people. They are in a position of stored energy; sitting in a worship service that will slowly climb the hill and set them up to become potential energy. After being brought to the peak of the experience, they hear from God's Word and then are released into their daily world.

What will you do with your Sunday experience of potential energy? Sit in the pew avoiding even getting into the roller coaster car? Maybe you will hop in the car and take the lift hill to the top of the ride just to sit and enjoy the view? Or you could take the built up potential energy and speed downhill becoming powerful kinetic energy.

Have you ever been told “you have great potential”? Having “great potential" sounds nice, but I would rather be told I have “great kinetic”. As you take your seat in church this week, understand that you have great potential. As you leave the church, step out into your daily world a bundle of kinetic energy for Christ.

Here is a new way to look at a familiar verse in James 1:22-25:

But be (kinetic energy) of the word, and not (potential energy) only, deceiving yourselves. 23 For if anyone is a (potential energy source) of the word and not a (kinetic energy source), he is like a man (sitting in a roller coaster car at the top of the hill); 24 for he (sits there enjoying the view), goes away, and (never accomplishes much for God). 25 But he who (stays in the roller coaster ride through the exciting yet scary times), and is not a forgetful (potential energy source) but a (Kinetic energy source) of the work, this one will be blessed in what he does.

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